About Suzanne

 Passion:  Home Fashion, People ​this blog Small House Addict!!!

Interior Decorating

                                                                                                                     Suzanne Dufault
Born in Vancouver, B.C.
Raised and
Lives in the Montreal
area.. Fluent in french and english,

Enthusiastic for home fashions, garage sales, DIY projects... I almost always have a paint brush in my hands haha, cooking, hockey, big fiests with familly and friends! 

 Small House Addict Blog is about..'Stylish micro living and clever use of small spaces, making every room work hard, good storage, give dusty old pieces a new lease on life, DIY projects, the buzz...Recup... Rethink... Reinvent. Create the most with the least for your home!''

                             25 years working as design consultant in home fashions residential and commercial, work with real estate agents, contractors, home owners to prepare homes for market, interior decorating teacher, guest speaker, V.P sales and merchandising for import manufacturer & distributor creating beautiful products for big box canadian & amarican retailers like Costco, Sears R., Bed Bath & Beyond...many more.  Love decorating scenarios & products that will be functional while making people smile!

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