Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Makeup vanity paint revamp!

Hi guys,
Just finished a paint project for my customer that wanted a makeup vanity.  I've painted a beautiful armoire for her link in a previous post and now she was looking for a makeup vanity.  
My paint method previous post link
Paint purchased at Home Depot:  Behr premium, fisnish mat
Darker color beige:  base 1754
Antique white color: base 1750
Special thanks to Mélanie Desmarais from Home Depot who is always so gracious, and helpful!!! 
So here we go!  Have a great day 
before, 1930
1. paint dark color, 2 paint light color
 paint furniture upside down (easier to paint buttom part)

distress by sanding, darker beige and natural wood peak through

painted stencil detail

Friday, 18 October 2013

Softer before and after

Hello guys,
just finished a bedroom set, headboard, and two dressers, one of the dressers was posted on my blog just before this one!

Steps I followed:
                                                                                                           1.  Used 150 sandpaper to lightly sand all areas that will be painted. 
  Washed with T.S.P all purpose heavy duty cleaner, diluted in water, to clean the surface area. Rinsed well with water.  ( Please use protective gloves for this procedure.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the box.)

2.  Painted with Behr's latex mat finish, light greige color and plaster of Paris which I added to the paint, it's easier to distress the finish after. The ratio I used:  two tablespoons Plaster of Paris plus two tablespoons of water (same ratio) mix well  Add to one cup of paint, mix well again and again.

3. Finished Painting with the old rose as you can see in the photos on my board. Hardware was not removed so was painted over. 

Creating a charming country finish was lots of fun, chipped away with a small paint scraper and sandpaper letting parts of the original dark oak and green paint peek through.  I finished with two coats of a mat latex varnish all over including the hardware.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

1930's dresser makeover!

Sofer and prettier view!
Vintage dark wood dresser receives a new soft new look.  Painted light grey and a warm pink, gently distressed with some worn edges.