Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ballerina Pink Armoire, before and after

Hi guys,

Hope you had a fun summer!
Mine was very busy with several paint projects.  One of my customer's was looking for extra storage for her little girl's bedroom.  Well when I saw this beauty I knew it would be lots of work but it would be worth it...  There was missing a drawer so I asked my cabinet maker to make one.  Created a plaid faux finish on the upper part of the cabinet front and side.  I have many more projects on the way so that's all for now... Have a great one!!!!!!!
Love Suzanne!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fun And Creative Paint Ideas For Your Walls

Your walls feel sad when they’re bare, so get inspired and start painting with BEHR!Their line of BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Interior Paint comes in hundreds of designer-inspired colors, so your walls will never feel more by following the link.... buzzfeed Let me inspire you!  Suzanne 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Coffee table with vintage blue attitude!

Hello Everyone,

Just finished painting a cute end table for my customer's living room, see below.  She wanted it painted fresh and in a fun color.

I've selected some photos of rooms from BHG as inspiration for the color that I would paint the table.

source:  BHG

Steps I followed:

  • Wash and sand
  • 1st coat = 1 cup of light grey latex paint + (2 tablespoons Paris Plaster + 2 tablespoons of water mix together, then add to the grey paint ), mix very well.  
  • 2nd coat, same procedure as above but with a different color, in this case a darker teal blue
  • Top finish with dry brush stroke in a light teal blue.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Distress by sanding lightly....try to get all coats to peak trough in different spots from top to buttom.
Hope this will inspire you to try a paint project of your own!  Don't hesitate if you have questions it will be a pleasure to assist you.Thanks for stopping by and have a great one! Suzanne

First coat of grey with Paris Plaster (recipe above)
Before and after .....Second coat painted blue, dry, sand, varnish
Before and after