Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Armoire receives a pretty makeover!

Hello everyone,

Many projects came my way this summer!

Here's my latest paint projects for one of my customer's.  I must say this was a big undertaking.  It was completely painted inside and out!

In order to create an antique french look here are the steps I followed:

STEP UNDERCOAT   Created a chalk paint formula = 2 tablesp. Paris Plaster + 2 tablesp water, mix well together (no lumps) then add to 1 cup of latex paint, eggshell finish.  Used paint color called Papier de Soie (light beige) from Sico. 
undercoat color papier de soie Sico

STEP GLAZE, added antique white latex paint to the glaze... followed instructions on the label on the can. Used Faux Glaze purchased at Home Depot Montreal. 
STEP DISTRESS:  Sanded the edges with a medium grit #120 sand paper.  Finished with a light sand paper to smooth edges.
STEP DRY:  I let painted pieces cure for about 5 days before handing them over to the customers for transport.  

Voilà!!! Don't hesitate if you have questions it will always be a pleasure to assist you.

Take care, love Suzanne