Friday, 14 June 2013

A Painter's DIY Small Condo Design

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Kristen Fountain Davis - HGTV

That's a girl Kristen!!!!!!!Fabulous style without breaking the bank!

Article from HGTV
Decorative painter Kristen Fountain Davis was determined to make her small condo into a colorful showplace for her work. See how she did it and steal her best design ideas.
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

French Vintage Buffet Makeover!

Grandmother's French Vintage Buffet received a well deserved makeover! Thanks for visiting, Suzanne 

Painted Dresser receives Vintage Charm Attitude!

Hello Everyone!

Latest paint project going Vintage:   Latex paint + Paris plaster + Water! Colors light grey + light and dark teal blue 

Steps I followed:

  • Wash and sand
  • 1st coat = 1 cup of light grey latex paint + (2 tablespoons Paris Plaster + 2 tablespoons of water mix together, then add to the grey paint ), mix very well.  I painted over the hardware in place...Gives it some vintage attitude!
  • 2nd coat, same procedure as above but with a different color, in this case a darker teal blue
  • Top finish with dry brush stroke in a light teal blue.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Distress by sanding lightly....try to get all coats to peak trough in different spots from top to buttom.
Hope this will inspire you to try a paint project of your own!  Don't hesitate if you have questions it will be a pleasure to assist you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great one! Suzanne

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Blue Vintage Bench

This post is a three part series on how to pull different pieces together to complete a room without breaking the bank! Please see previous post.
Vintage-furniture fanatics love finding painted pieces that have just the right patina, its cracked layers of color just oozing with charm. You can shortcut that journey with contrasting colors of flat latex paint, Paris of plaster, water (recipe from previous post) and lots of distressing by sanding that will reveal glimpses of the base shade.  In this case there are three layers, the base is pine followed by white & teal paints.
The painted plaid top was created by using the strié or dry brush technique.  I simply dabbed the edge of the paint brush into the paint: 1. dragged it gently horizontally from left to right this will result in a stripe pattern, 2. Same method vertically from top to buttom this will result into a plaid pattern!.  Practice before on a plain board to get the results you want.  No artist will have the same results!  Yours will be perfect so enjoy and have fun!!! Suzanne
Painted Plaid Top
Painted Plaid Top

Blue Vintage Dresser

Hello Everyone!
Decorating on a budget can be a very big challenge but when you know how to pull things together without breaking the bank it becomes fun and gratifying.
I've recently opened up a big warehouse full of new and vintage furniture that is deeply discounted and that makes my customers smile.  Some are floor models that need sprucing up!  I will be demonstrating how to pull a look together using several dusty old pieces that I've painted in colors that are shown in the picture below! I'll be back soon with several photos.  Thanks a million for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!  Suzanne   
Decorative nails heads

Before & After