Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mirror Power - Sence of Space!

Hi Guys! Today I have mirrors for you! Think reflection, mirrors are much more than funtional items - they're decorating wonders.  They amplify the amount of light, and can reflect the outdoors in. Any room will benefit from them.  There style can be fun, sophisticated or sleek. They can command a fabulous presence as a focal point!  I like to think of this as the most classic and easy way to add glamour while doubling your space at the same time.  I've added color inspiration shemas to the board below.  Hope this will inspire you!  Have a great one, Suzanne

1. Try a mirror on mirror. Source:  ivillage

2. Backwall and side wall covered with tiled mirrors.  Everything just seams floating! Source: cottage-gardens

3. Clear mirror tiles you can purchase boxes of 12' x 12' tiles that can be found at most big-box home stores.  Source Lonny

4.''These square cut mirror panels offer amazing light reflection, but they also seem to give off their own imperfect texture as well.  Because of the visible seams between each panel we can see a somewhat distorted reflection of the room behind us, without loosing the interesting details within'' the furniture and accessories.  Source Jordan Guide Design

5. Using a big mirror as a room divider! Source:   John Douglas Eason

6. ''Mirrors installed so that the reflection would give the illusion of dining chairs going all the way round the table. A great solution if you have a small space like that and need to work around it'' Maria Killim

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Banquette Space Saver!

Banquette Love!

A ''banquette'' is a french word for upholstered bench. I am a huge banquette fan...for fashion and especially for a small house function. It is pretty much one of those savvy space savers you cannot ''screw up'' floor plan wise. Created to fit a particular nook you can never go wrong. I have experimented with ready made banquettes purchased from Craig's List.  They were great and inexpense to fix...One Example; my before and after banquette recovered.  I have a small dining space and the banquette saved the day, I can now seat 10 people instead of 6...Every inch of wall space was utilized + more floor space.   I now call it my little Bistro!  Wine tasting area yes! haha... Today I selected five functional and beautiful dining banquettes from BHG . I added some color schemas for you on the board below!  Hope you will be inspired to create a banquette in your house!  Do you have a banquette or think of creating one shorhly?  I would love to hear from you!  You can see more ideas on my Pinterest banquettes board, thanks and have a nice one,  Suzanne xxoo 
P.S. Banquette Benefits
.Compact seating in high traffic rooms
.Space Saver
.Intimate - Inviting - Comfy
.Recover in washable fabrics for kids or you may regret it (plastify)

Photo 1, 2, 6...Like a round table sharp edges for small ones
Source:  BHG

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Create a French Escape

Hello Everyone!  Don't we just love to escape from reality once and a while...Maybe to a french villa.  Maybe not but we can create a french oasis in our home no matter what the size is.  
.  Choose natural-fiber fabrics for timeless appeal, crisp cotton, linen, soft wool.
.  Plain, functional fabrics such as cotton duck, denim and old linen sheeting can look fabulous.  I personnaly like keeping window treatments light and airy.
The color scheme I've selected is fresh and neutral.  Taupe, Grey, Cream, Yellow Rose and Green are wonderful combos.  I hope this inspiration board will set the mood for a romantic french escape well deserved. I love to hear from you... don't hesitate to post your questions or comments.  Thanks and have a beautiful day! Suzanne 

Photo source:  1, 2, 4. Country Curtains, 3. Southern Living, 5 Pottery Barn.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Fine Romance!
....... It's a timeless story, how Blue met up with Green and became an amazing new shade!  Fresh as ever to help us get over the winter blues. There is a saying that blue and green should never be seen...Well I disagree don't you?  I always love to know your thoughts so don't hesitate to comment below.  Thanks for reading!  Suzanne  

photo credits:  1..thedesignersattich 2 BHG, 3 Weddingsbylilly, 4.Horgatotal

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rustic Living!

Creating a country style ''The Barn Look'' for your home is a perfect way to bring an earthy and warm tone to it. Using reclaimed barn planks will set the mood for your décor.  Photo inpitation # 5 could easily be translated into a bungalow with a slanted roof line. For a small home I recommend painting the walls with one light color like in the photo. (please...No accent wall color in this case because the planks demand respect and presence).  The furniture will be the star and the walls will remain in the background setting the mood.  This is the perfect place to give dusty old furniture a new lease on life... Refurbish and repurpose pieces found at garage sales and flea markets.  Hope you enjoy planning and dreaming about it! 
P.S...... I would love to know your thoughts on this subject or any other color palette and-or style you would like to see posted here!  Thanks a million for stopping by and have a great one! Suzanne    

Photo credits:  #1 Suzanne Dufault Design, #2 The Knot #3 Natalme  #4 Country Living #5 Homebunch

Monday, 8 April 2013

White is full of amazing tricks!

Color Inspiration:  Whites can create a sense of space!                                                                                                                          Call it timeless, nothing really compares. Because no other color has the crispness and, it must be admitted that white belongs in a class of it's own! White is full of magic tricks.  One of them is to turn a room into a never-never land, to make it seem whereever we want to be.  White is bright and can create a sense of space for a small home.  Here I've created a mood board with a white shema that translate into an effortless cool that's magnificent on any scale. Hope this will inspire you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!  Suzanne
Photos credits: 1.  Indulgy, 2.  The New Homemaker, 3,5, 6. The Cottage Journal, 4.  Suzanne Dufault Design, Small House Addic Blog

Friday, 5 April 2013

Happy Spirit Concept!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Spring Color Pop Crush!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hey Guys! Today it’s all about color pop…and neutral backgrounds. I love color splashes in all shapes and forms. Cushions, lamps, wallpapers, art, linens, painted architectural details, pottery and many more. I’ve always had a prefenrence for a neutral backround like grey, beige and white....Then adding a splash of color with a proportion of about 10% per room. Today we have a fruity combo:   Lemon, lime and rasberry.  The colors are also super pretty together. The photos below demonstrate this HAPPY spirit concept....Hoping this will inspire you to start imagining your next decorating move... Enjoy! Suzanne 1. roll up your sleeves and paint an accent wall, 2.  Paint inside panels on a door and add fun contrasting stencil or découpage, 3.  Wallpaper an accent wall,  4.  Boring bathroom...Plank and paint it!, 5. Fun fruity color inspiration, 6.  Paint some furniture pieces
Photo Credits:  #1,5. Small House Addict ,# 2,3,4,6. house to home 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

13 Dramatic Exterior Paint Makeovers by Houzzers!!!

Becky Harris from Houzz demonstrates 13 dramatic exterior transformations.

What a difference when you see the befores and afters pics!  She really did a fabulous job in her selections.  Please follow the link to see them all!
I've added some colors chips to two collages below, I hope this will inspire you to start transforming your nest if weather permits....Happy Spring!!!