Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Métamorphose - French Country Revamp!

J'ai acheté ce meuble dans une vente de succession avec le but de lui donner une petite métamorphose pour créer le look de la campagne française. (photo avant-après ci-bas)
Je vous informerai sous peu des procédures et des produits que j'ai utilisé.
Permettez-moi de vous inspirer!

I purchase this piece at an estate sale with the intention of revamping it with a french country look in mind. (see photo before and after below).
I will follow up in a later post informing you of the procedures and products I used. 
Please let me inspire you!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Removing sticky vinyl liners

I hate removing....sticky vinyl liners!!!

I'm refinishing a buffet and all the drawers are lined with it!

Ok... here is what I discovered...I used heat from my hair dryer holding it approximately 3'' away from the surface. I got immediate results...the heavens opened up!!!!

Started pulling the edge of the sticky vinyl from the surface.

Removed the glue residue from the surface with contact cement solvent. Wash with detergent and rinsed well. Voilà!!!